Book to Movie Comparison: Divergent




I recently was able to go see the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent. I could be very nit picky and go into great detail about all the changes, but there was really only a few that I found really irritating. ┬áThe first being Peters personality.

In the book, Peter has a very significant personality that consists mostly of violence and brutality. In the movie however, these aspects of his character were dulled down. Its evident he is still a jerk, but I felt there was still something missing. Not showing the violent side to his character, and the lengths he would go to, to show he was best (Including the eye-stabbing) will make it harder to understand the importance of his attempted change in the later books/movies. It wont be as significant to those watching.

Secondly, where is Uriah? Uriah is a much loved character in the novels, and leaving him out of the first movie seemed like torture. His name is seen on the ranking board, and there is a Uriah look-a-like during the Zipline scene, but there was no actual Uriah. He will be in the next movies, but, much with Peters personality, I think it will be difficult to have the shock factor of his Divergence without the background story. The shock definitely wont be as prominent.

Thirdly, Tris’s fear landscape. Not only did they reduce her six fears to five (Four and Five simply does not have the same ring to it as Four and Six) the changed her intimacy fear to border on sexual assault. For a fan of the books, this seemed like an unnecessary addition to her fears, and was just downright uncomfortable for us all.

There were other changes that I didn’t like at first, but after reconsideration, decided they weren’t so bad.

The altered ending which featured Jeanine shutting down the simulation annoyed me a little at first, but after a while I think that the increased amount of appearances of Jeanine aided in the character development, and I cant wait to see what Kate Winslet does next with the character.

At first, the part where Tris is told that she is out of dauntless, seemed unnecessary to me. I soon realised it was there to portray how desperate Tris was to be a part of the Dauntless, and to prove to everyone that she was brave enough, and worth it. It was a great way to capture Tris’s thoughts, without her having to say anything.

The movie did stay relatively close to the novel and often took likes directly from the book. Overall it’s a great movie and captured the world Tris lives in perfectly. It’s a must see movie, but I recommend reading the books first. Like always the book it better than the movie.


Divergent: Book Review




Divergent is a fast paced, Dystopian novel that follows the life of Tris Prior. Tris grew up in a world split into five different factions. Each faction has its own personal attribute that the members of that faction must follow. The Erudite value knowledge, the Candor value honesty, the Amity value peace, the Abnegation value selflessness and the Dauntless value bravery. Tris however is special. She finds out that she does not fit into one individual faction, she is different. She must hide what she is from everyone she cares about, or risk being killed. She is Divergent. She is seen as dangerous.

Veronica Roth does an amazing job at keeping the story moving. It is always interesting, there are always new, exciting things happening and you just cant put it down.

Tris is also a character you find it easy to relate to. Not only is the story interesting, it also teaches many great lessons.

From reading this book, you can learn that your life is completely your own. You learn that it is up to you to choose who you are, and who you want to be, regardless of what anyone else wants. It teaches you that it’s okay to be scared sometimes, and it’s okay to feel pain. It teaches you that you’re allowed to want to be more than what’s expected from you.

I think the most important lesson is that you have to move on. In the last few pages of a book, something tragic happens, and Tris lets herself breakdown for 5 seconds. 5 seconds of weakness. After those five seconds she gets back up and moves on. I think it’s important to let yourself have those moments of weakness, but its even more important that you remember to get up and move on.

That’s what I found myself doing at the end of this series, having a few minutes of weakness to process everything that happened throughout the trilogy, and then getting up and moving on. Overall its a great beginning to a great trilogy and I can’t wait to see what Veronica Roth comes out with next.


So what faction do you think you’d be a part of? Brave like the Dauntless, intelligent like the Erudite, peaceful like the Amity, honest like the Candor, or selfless like the Abnegation? Or do you think you’re different, like Tris, do you think you have what it takes to be Divergent?