Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian: Book Review


The final instalment of the thrilling Percy Jackson series was nothing but perfection. It had everything you want from a good book. Action, Romance, Conflicts, Happy Endings and Flying pigs.

In this final novel, Percy Jackson must lead the remaining Half-bloods from camp in a dangerous final battle against Kronos and his army. They must encounter monsters never before seen, the return of some already defeated monsters and their biggest threat of all. The must deal with the  fact they have a spy in their ranks, and protect Olympus which was practically left unguarded by the gods.

After bathing in the River Styx and becoming almost invincible Percy is at his strongest. He must figure out the meaning of the prophecy and the history of his enemies in order to win the battle against the Titan King.

The Last Olympian is action packed from start to finish, its difficult to put the book down. You are left asking yourself what is going on, and what will happen next. It’s thrilling and dangerous, the perfect end to a wonderful series. It has all your favourite characters from previous novels and despite the serious nature of the book it continues to be funny, even in the darkest of times.

Perhaps the best part of it all? The battle ends the way the books started, with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. Together.


Percy Jackson and The Battle of the Labyrinth : Book Review




If I was told to chose one word to describe this instalment of Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, I’d have to go with suspenseful. I felt that with every chapter, and every turning page there was something new that left me wondering, or worried.

The battle of the labyrinth follows Percy, and his friends on perhaps their most dangerous quest yet. It is Annabeth’s duty to lead Percy, Grover and Tyson on a quest through the Labyrinth to find they great inventor Daedalus and prevent him from helping Luke and the Titan army. But the threat of Kronos grows stronger, with more monsters rising, some good and bad. Grover continues his search for Pan and Percy is found battling with his emotions.

The book is only about 350 pages long, but it feels like so much happens in such a short amount of time. We meet countless new monsters, that threaten the safety of our young hero’s. It is put into perspective how dangerous the upcoming war is, and how under prepared the demigods really are. The main characters face death multiple times. They lose each other and they find each other, and their actions have many consequences we are yet to see. The battle of the labyrinth was a victory, but the war rages on, and as Percy turns fifteen, it is only going to get worse.

This second last instalment of the Percy Jackson series leaves you wanting more. More so than the previous novels. It leaves you with so much suspense for the next novel, not only action wise, but romantically as well.  We see conflicted feeling from both Annabeth and Percy, towards each other, and others. We are also left wondering what Nico de Angelo has planned for the future, and if Luke can be saved.  So much happened, all of it important, and leading up to what I can only assume with a great finale to an incredible series. A final battle in and incredible war.

The only question is, will our Hero’s survive?

Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Book Review


After a mission to recruit new half-bloods goes wrong, and Annabeth is kidnapped, Talia, Grover and Hero Percy Jackson set out on a quest to find her and the missing goddess Artemis. Joined by Two of Artemis’s huntresses, Percy and his friends encounter multiple problems along the way, and face their most dangerous quest yet. Not only to we get to meet new villains in this instalment of Percy Jackson, we also get to meet many more allies, some of which are Gods. Percy must also come to terms with his fatal flaw, and as the book goes on, you see him beginning to question his feeling for Annabeth.

This third instalment is much better than the first two, and we continue to see the characters grow and mature. You see them face their responsibilities and do everything in their power to do good. It is jam packed with action, new and older monsters are around every corner and Percy must face the one that could destroy them all.

Although, like the other Percy Jackson novels this book offers is usual comedic relief and action, there is also significant more amount of loss, that brought a more emotional and mature nature to the book. It also brought tears to my eyes. You see brother’s lose their sisters, and friends become stars to watch over us for all eternity. Although these parts of the book were quite heart-wrenching, I think Riordan portrayed it in a way to remind us that not everyone will survive in this world. That the dangers are real, and by the end of the series it is quite possible that all our favourite hero’s could be gone.

This is by far my favourite of the series so far, and I’m not sure if I’m pleased, or upset it wont be turned into a movie. Riordan offers all the great aspects of a novel in this one book, and I’m looking forward to continuing with the series.


Book to Movie Comparisons: Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters


Much like the first Percy Jackson movie, Sea of Monsters contained many changes when converted from the book to screen. However, after extended amounts of time thinking deeply (probably way too deeply) about the conversion, I’ve come to realise it wasn’t so bad. The plot is practically similar, Percy, Annabeth and Percy’s new-found Cyclops brother Tyson go on a search to find the golden fleece and save grover. They get help from Hermes, run into Luke on the Princess Andromeda and even let Clarisse take the fleece back to camp half-blood and place on Talia’s tree.

The only part that really frustrates me about this movie, is the unnecessary addition of Kronos’ rising. In a way it is important to establish why Luke wanted the fleece so much, but when they add things into the movie, that aren’t even in the book, it tends to get on my nerves. The battle with Polyphemus in the book is much longer, more troublesome and more climactic. If they had spent more time trying to get that scene right in the movie, they would not have needed to add Kronos’ rising as the climax of the movie.

On a positive note, I do think they managed to portray Percy’s feelings towards Tyson, and his father accurately. Percy’s feelings of Jealousy and confusion about Tyson were portrayed nicely by Logan Lerman in the movie.  Although they managed to make a better film this time around, and stick to the book slightly better, I do wish they added the link between Grover and Percy, or when Annabeth learns her fatal flaw from the Sirens.

Other than that it was a good movie, not great, but good. As always, the book is better than the movie.

Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters: Book Review



Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters is the second instalment of Rick Riordan’s Olympians series. After Talia’s Tree is poisoned, and Percy finds out Grover is in danger, Percy, Annabeth, and Percy’s new found Cyclops brother Tyson, set out on a quest to find grover and the golden fleece that will save the camp. Percy and his friends receive help from unlikely people, and face dangers like no other. They must work together, forget all their differences and trust one another in order to save the camp.

Percy and his friends struggle with forgiveness, pride, and jealousy in the thrilling instalment of Riordan’s series. Like always, Riordan creates characters that are easy to relate to, even considering the different circumstances between the characters and reality. As always, there is the constant worry, and fear that the beloved characters are going to experience something bad, and in this book, there is a new challenge, and danger lurking around every corner. The shocks keep on coming up until the last page with the resurrection of a child of the big three, who, just like Percy, is a threat to Olympus and The Gods.

Not only is the danger prominent in the novel, but there is also a noticeable amout of character development. Within Percy, and his friends, it’s easy to see that they aren’t just kids any more. They’re growing up, they’re maturing, they are becoming the heroes that their world needs.

Riordan continues to amaze and educate me with his knowledge of myth and legend, and as the series continues I expect to learn more, and experience more with Percy Jackson and his friends.

Book to Movie Comparisons: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief




To start off this new piece where I compare books to their movie counterparts, I chose a good one. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief has so many flaws when it comes to staying true to the book. The biggest problem, I think, lies within the plot itself, and progression of the characters on their quest. In the book, Percy, and most others believe that Hades, has taken the lightning bolt, in hopes of starting a war among the gods. Percy goes on this quest to the underworld to get the bolt from Hades and return it to Zeus before a war breaks out. The movie, in some ways, follows this plot. Percy does want to prove his innocence, and he does so by going to the underworld, but his primary reason for going, is to save his mother. In the book, we know he fails to do so. Also, the book is all about them getting to the underworld as fast as possible, it just so happens that they encounter many dangerous monsters along the way, many that aren’t seen in the movie. The movie shows the characters try to find ‘Persephone’s pearls’ before going to the underworld. The biggest flaw in this is that in Greek mythology, there is no such thing as Persephone’s pearls. If you’re not going to stick to the book at least stick to the myths.

Other differences, like the fact that Mr D, Clarrise, and Thalia’s tree are never mentioned in the first movie, are small but significant. I can deal with the age differences between the book and movie, and the different entrances into the underworld, but I don’t understand how Kronos is never mentioned in the first movie considering he is the main focus of the series, or the fact that Ares was working along side Luke in the hopes of starting a war. The movie is missing a lot of good things, like Echidna, Chimera, Procrustes and even Charon, with his Elvis suits.

Overall, The movie could have been better, it definitely did not do the book justice, and may as well have been a completely unrelated story all together. Its a shame when things like this happen, because those who don’t read the books, have no idea what they’re missing out on. I can only hope that the next movies will do a better job at doing the book justice.


Like always, Book Triumphs over Film.

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief – Book Review



Written by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief follows the adventures of Percy Jackson, Demi-God and Son of Poseidon, Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, and young satyr Grover. The three are on a quest to find Zeus’ master bolt and return it before the gods began a world war.

Rick Riordan does an incredible job of teaching the readers of this book a lesson on Greek mythology while also keeping the story interesting. There is a new obstacle around every corner that the characters must overcome, and the action and surprise keeps coming right up until the last pages of the book. Riordan makes mention of many mythological monsters including the Minotaur, Echidna, Chimera, Procrustes and of course Medusa.

Percy and Annabeth are tough as nails and braver than any normal twelve year old. Grover, although a little scared most of the time is loyal and will always be there for his friends. together the three of them show young kids all around that it’s okay to not follow your parents footsteps, it’s okay to be scared, and its okay to be brave.


Next week I’ll be writing a new piece, where I do a book to movie comparison. I’ll go through the things that were changed and what should have made it into the movie but didn’t and other interesting facts. I’ll obviously be starting with Percy Jackson.