The Fault In Our Stars : Movie


Usually when I review a book that is also a movie, I would compare the two. But in the case of TFIOS I don’t think it would be fair. Obviously there are some changes from the book to the movie, characters missing, moments not shared but if I were to name these things, list them out and discuss them I would just me grasping at straws.

John Green said in an interview that the movie is so good and so true because it captures the “essence” of the book. When I first heard him say this I didn’t know what be meant.

The thing that I love about reading is the way that certain books can make you feel after you have finished them. Like you were a part of that world. Like those characters were real people. But when it’s over you feel like you have lost a part of yourself. Like a real friend is gone. In some cases you also get the sense that although the book is finished the story isn’t over. That is the essence of the book.

That is the feeling I got when I finished John Greens novel. It is also how I felt after watching the movie.

In my opinion, which may not necessarily be accepted by everyone, the movie is great. Because even though minor things were changed it captured the essence of the book.

Many book to movie adaptations don’t capture the essence of a book. The fault in our stars most certainly did.


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