Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian: Book Review


The final instalment of the thrilling Percy Jackson series was nothing but perfection. It had everything you want from a good book. Action, Romance, Conflicts, Happy Endings and Flying pigs.

In this final novel, Percy Jackson must lead the remaining Half-bloods from camp in a dangerous final battle against Kronos and his army. They must encounter monsters never before seen, the return of some already defeated monsters and their biggest threat of all. The must deal with the  fact they have a spy in their ranks, and protect Olympus which was practically left unguarded by the gods.

After bathing in the River Styx and becoming almost invincible Percy is at his strongest. He must figure out the meaning of the prophecy and the history of his enemies in order to win the battle against the Titan King.

The Last Olympian is action packed from start to finish, its difficult to put the book down. You are left asking yourself what is going on, and what will happen next. It’s thrilling and dangerous, the perfect end to a wonderful series. It has all your favourite characters from previous novels and despite the serious nature of the book it continues to be funny, even in the darkest of times.

Perhaps the best part of it all? The battle ends the way the books started, with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. Together.


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