Percy Jackson and The Battle of the Labyrinth : Book Review




If I was told to chose one word to describe this instalment of Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, I’d have to go with suspenseful. I felt that with every chapter, and every turning page there was something new that left me wondering, or worried.

The battle of the labyrinth follows Percy, and his friends on perhaps their most dangerous quest yet. It is Annabeth’s duty to lead Percy, Grover and Tyson on a quest through the Labyrinth to find they great inventor Daedalus and prevent him from helping Luke and the Titan army. But the threat of Kronos grows stronger, with more monsters rising, some good and bad. Grover continues his search for Pan and Percy is found battling with his emotions.

The book is only about 350 pages long, but it feels like so much happens in such a short amount of time. We meet countless new monsters, that threaten the safety of our young hero’s. It is put into perspective how dangerous the upcoming war is, and how under prepared the demigods really are. The main characters face death multiple times. They lose each other and they find each other, and their actions have many consequences we are yet to see. The battle of the labyrinth was a victory, but the war rages on, and as Percy turns fifteen, it is only going to get worse.

This second last instalment of the Percy Jackson series leaves you wanting more. More so than the previous novels. It leaves you with so much suspense for the next novel, not only action wise, but romantically as well.  We see conflicted feeling from both Annabeth and Percy, towards each other, and others. We are also left wondering what Nico de Angelo has planned for the future, and if Luke can be saved.  So much happened, all of it important, and leading up to what I can only assume with a great finale to an incredible series. A final battle in and incredible war.

The only question is, will our Hero’s survive?


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