Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Book Review


After a mission to recruit new half-bloods goes wrong, and Annabeth is kidnapped, Talia, Grover and Hero Percy Jackson set out on a quest to find her and the missing goddess Artemis. Joined by Two of Artemis’s huntresses, Percy and his friends encounter multiple problems along the way, and face their most dangerous quest yet. Not only to we get to meet new villains in this instalment of Percy Jackson, we also get to meet many more allies, some of which are Gods. Percy must also come to terms with his fatal flaw, and as the book goes on, you see him beginning to question his feeling for Annabeth.

This third instalment is much better than the first two, and we continue to see the characters grow and mature. You see them face their responsibilities and do everything in their power to do good. It is jam packed with action, new and older monsters are around every corner and Percy must face the one that could destroy them all.

Although, like the other Percy Jackson novels this book offers is usual comedic relief and action, there is also significant more amount of loss, that brought a more emotional and mature nature to the book. It also brought tears to my eyes. You see brother’s lose their sisters, and friends become stars to watch over us for all eternity. Although these parts of the book were quite heart-wrenching, I think Riordan portrayed it in a way to remind us that not everyone will survive in this world. That the dangers are real, and by the end of the series it is quite possible that all our favourite hero’s could be gone.

This is by far my favourite of the series so far, and I’m not sure if I’m pleased, or upset it wont be turned into a movie. Riordan offers all the great aspects of a novel in this one book, and I’m looking forward to continuing with the series.



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