Book to Movie Comparisons: Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters


Much like the first Percy Jackson movie, Sea of Monsters contained many changes when converted from the book to screen. However, after extended amounts of time thinking deeply (probably way too deeply) about the conversion, I’ve come to realise it wasn’t so bad. The plot is practically similar, Percy, Annabeth and Percy’s new-found Cyclops brother Tyson go on a search to find the golden fleece and save grover. They get help from Hermes, run into Luke on the Princess Andromeda and even let Clarisse take the fleece back to camp half-blood and place on Talia’s tree.

The only part that really frustrates me about this movie, is the unnecessary addition of Kronos’ rising. In a way it is important to establish why Luke wanted the fleece so much, but when they add things into the movie, that aren’t even in the book, it tends to get on my nerves. The battle with Polyphemus in the book is much longer, more troublesome and more climactic. If they had spent more time trying to get that scene right in the movie, they would not have needed to add Kronos’ rising as the climax of the movie.

On a positive note, I do think they managed to portray Percy’s feelings towards Tyson, and his father accurately. Percy’s feelings of Jealousy and confusion about Tyson were portrayed nicely by Logan Lerman in the movie.  Although they managed to make a better film this time around, and stick to the book slightly better, I do wish they added the link between Grover and Percy, or when Annabeth learns her fatal flaw from the Sirens.

Other than that it was a good movie, not great, but good. As always, the book is better than the movie.


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